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Using the Bumper & Trigger Buttons, control 4 cars set in 2 row formations. As they drive, you must evade lightning strikes using by changing lanes. As you continue and get faster, so will the frequency of the lightning strikes. Don't forget to keep your cars in line formation as you will gain more points when they are stay in a vertical line.
Play this challenging game which will test your reactions.

Controls: Gamepad is required to play. RB-RT-LB-LT buttons are the only buttons required to play. (Pressing both bumpers restarts the game while pressing both triggers exits.)

Made in 36 hours in #BugFallJam2019.

Game Design & 3D Art: Volkan Hacıtahiroğulları

Game Development : Burak Kanbur

Install instructions

Must have a controller to play!


BumperChase.rar 14 MB

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